You have fully established your brand, and thanks to the endless support of your loyal customers, you have reached this far. Your customers are there for you through thick and thin, and it’s about time you give back to them. The usual way to go for most companies would be to send their loyal patrons gifts during holidays or maybe give out small merchandise items they can use whenever they can.

A good merchandise is something they will be able to use whenever they want, and will be there to remind them what brand cares. They can even pass it around and can function as a live advertisement as well. It will be a good way to remind your loyal and new customers that you are worth their investment and you care. But what should be your merchandise? Below are the best ideas for your choice of merchandise:


  • Planners. Everyday there are busy office employees, businessmen, and even students who need to organise their schedules daily. If your company provides them planners, they will be thankful and will actually use it daily – for that specific year. It’s helpful, carries your brand, and provides ease for your clients – something you want when running a business.
  • Stickers. Your clients might appreciate the fact that you printed stickers that could spruce up some of their items – and this is something that’s cool if you have a colourful and fun logo. Some of them might even proceed to stick it on their gadgets or cars, and it helps if you choose the best kind of printing service there is. Signs Australia has been printing excellent quality items for over 30 years, and they will be able to do justice to your logo.
  • Mugs. A lot of people drink hot beverages, thus a mug with your logo on it is something brilliant – they will always see your logo whenever they drink. It helps if you choose a fun design that they can flaunt in the office or make it their favourite mug. It would also be appreciated if you designed the mug based on what kind of service you offer – like camping gear, you might consider handing out stainless steel thermos or mugs
  • Shirts. You can have these printed for your clients since they do actually enjoy wearing shirts – it is a common need. They will likely wear this at home, but it will definitely help them remember your brand. A good quality shirt will be a favourite and it will definitely gain a lot of attention. Plus, you only aim to give comfort to your customers, this will be a good way to convince them that you do care for them and are thankful for their loyalty.

Flash Drives. Almost everyone carries one of these everywhere, and it proved to be a huge help in their office and school. Flash drives with your logo printed on its body will be a hit because of the technology based businesses and schools. Functional and simple, something you want your clients to remember you by.