These days, businesses rely more on social media and the internet to spread the good news they have created or what product they made. It has then became the norm and has been the first option whenever businessmen needs a boost in popularity and traffic. However, there are downsides to the digital ads – a lot of people find them annoying.

It has become so hated that there are certain softwares and options to fully block these advertisements, meaning that these advertisements you invest on will sooner or later be blocked from their feed. While some does get attention, there is no guarantee that your advertisement won’t be blocked or ignored.

It also helps that you choose the best printing service to make your cards – the better quality, the more memorable it is for people. Signs Australia has been around for 30 years and has then printed lots of fine graphic signage and other printed goods that made its mark in every businesses.

Why Business Cards are Still the Best

Those tiny little cards hold power, since you can hold it out to a potential client and send them your contact and details. It may just be a card, but it exhibits professionalism and respect whenever you hand it out to someone – and at the same time, you might expect to get their card in return.

Through the exchange of the cards, you made sure you got noticed and you had a conversation with a potential client, and it’s something that you should have before starting a business with them. Here are the reasons why business cards are the best:


  • Cards are more personal. Meetings won’t be something that you just drag people in and ask them if they need help – these are scheduled ahead of time or happened to be in an event wherein these people actually look for the service you are selling. Since you talked to them about it, it has become a more personal and memorable way of connecting with them. They will surely remember you if ever they need your service.
  • Makes use of both your internet access and printed items. Since most successful businessmen are always on the go, it is important that you shouldn’t waste their time. Handing out your business card will save you both the trouble and they will contact you whenever they need your service. You can also add a QR code on your card and make it easier for them to contact you.

Adds credibility. There’s something about calling cards that adds allure and credibility to your business. It actually makes your business more ‘legit’ and reliable for most people. Besides, they would find business cards more reliable than online advertisement popups.