In this day and age of technology, almost 9 out of 10 people owns a smartphone. These people rely on their phones with almost everything – GPS, emails, entertainment, ebooks, and a lot more, meaning most of their necessities are installed in their phones. With the digital age slowly taking over everyone, it only makes sense that the companies take advantage of this gadget.

Introducing the AR – a digital universe between the real and the fiction – and you can see it by using a smartphone or a tablet. This universe lets people interact with the item and maybe even customise it to the style they want! It will definitely entice readers to head out to your nearest branch and check out your newest products. You have made them imagine what their life was like with the product you sell, and they want to make it a reality. It pays to hire the best printing service for this kind of advertisement – like Signs Australia – to get the best out of your investment.

AR functions like magic – they give you a glimpse of the object from 2D to 3D and show the features as if it was there in person. Aside from materialising the item in their phones, it also lets you keep track of the number of clicks or interactions from the readers. It will notify you and your clients that you are indeed earning back the money you used to invest on this crafty marketing strategy.


But how does it work?

Interactive print advertisements starts running when it scans the QR code printed in the advertisement of the brand in the magazine. This QR code then directs you to the website or application that you need to see or interact with the features of the product scanned. It’s commonly used in most chatting applications these days as a form of a digital business card – they exchange contact details without tediously typing down the name and contact details of that person.

This QR code sends the reader to where they should go – may it be an AR experience, a website, an eCatalogue, or maybe a video to show them the functions of the product. It’s even a good way to introduce your newest products to the people so they will be able to see it before even visiting your store. Some QR codes provide a store locator for people who wants to see it right away or get it completely.

This kind of advertisement is perfect for the millenial age range since most of the time, it’s them who knows how to interact with most interactive technology. However, it’s a good way to introduce this new interactive technology to the older generations to have a glimpse of the product before making their way to the store.