Making your product is not the end of the tunnel, now you have to move on to marketing and sales. But before the sales and choosing the place that will be your store, you need to think of designs like the logo and name. Aside from that, you also think of the labels as well. Labels have played a huge part in the marketing process, and it will be your determining factor if you have succeeded in your business. Recognising your brand is something you hope for as a businessman – thus the need for a label is important.

You plan to distribute your products in every supermarket and such throughout your country, but the problem is you don’t have a defining factor that would help you boost your popularity. You can sit there and wait for someone to recognise your brand, but how can it be recognised if there’s no label? Most people remember you through labels and advertisements, and it’s important to invest on labels before going to advertisements.

The True Purpose of Labels

Labels are there to bring identification to your brand, as well as helping consumers distinguish what’s your brand from the others. Labels are made to stand out, as well as carry your brand in a proper light – it will provide popularity depending on its design as well as the name of your product. Nowadays, people seem to look at products more with fun designs – filled with colour, humour, and amazing fonts and design. The label that pops out is something that would make consumers think that they want to try it and eventually recommend it to their friends – if ever your product is considered effective for them.

There are different kinds of labels, removable and non-removable, that you need to think of that correlates to your kind of brand and slogan you believe in. If you are an eco-conscious kind of company, your materials should reflect it as well. Your labels can be removable once used and you can inspire the people to reuse your packaging and more. That kind of design is branding in itself.

How to Design your Labels

There are different kinds of labels, but in order to be remembered, you need to design a label wherein it boasts your company’s beliefs as well as creating a personality for your brand. Ranging from font style, size, colour to background choices, you can design them side by side with a professional graphic designer and maybe ask your professional printing company for help.

You can even add your mascot or a brief preview of your brand’s story if the space and style allows it, but you you have to bear in mind if the people will actually read it. Bear in mind that people actually want to read the ingredients, nutritional facts and the brand name, so designing your label means you have to give way to convenience and comfort and put the aesthetic last. But sometimes, both actually works hand in hand.

Importance of Labels

Overall, you always need to think of the design from your ingredients down to label since it works as a silent marketer to potential consumers out there. You need to think of ways to catch their attention and divert their gaze to your product – and the best way to do that without looking tacky and demanding is through a well-designed label. It will be the best way for people to remember your product and maybe even convince their friends to use them.