In every reception, you will be able to observe that there is always a sleek and beautiful signage built on the back of the desk. It creates a more professional impression on those who visit your establishment for the first time and it makes them feel confident about the services and products you offer.

The impression of reliability and professionalism can be indeed reflected with the signage and how it was installed and designed. But most reception signages are installed with those small knobs they call the standoffs, and they reflect a sleek finish and professional look. Looking for a reliable printing company, like Signs Australia, is also important to make the signage look impressive and trustworthy for your visiting clients and even your employees.


First of all, what are standoffs?

These are the kinds of screws that provides an adequate gap between the protective glass and the actual sign on the wall. Why is the gap needed? It makes the sign more eye-popping and aesthetically pleasing to look at. It creates a dramatic look on your signage and at the same time creates a laminated feel without looking constricted behind the glass.

Aside from providing an adequate gap between the actual signage and the glass, this also serves as a fastener for both the signage and the glass. It will completely plaster your signage on the wall without having to worry about it toppling down any minute. Besides, it gives a subtle look whenever you see it on the front side – where the clients and customers usually look at.


Is it hard to install?

Installing standoffs are quite easier than you imagine, and it’s actually a composition of washers, mount, and various screws to avoid making it flimsy. Before you do drill the wall, you have to make sure that you measured and ensured that the location is right. The standoffs themselves are fragile and can’t really hold the weight themselves – tightly install the screws to make sure the signage does not slip and fall.

For signages that are not rectangular in shape, you have to carefully mark out the places wherein you can drill the holes in and install it. It has to be properly planned out since it might end up being unstable and might fall on the ground. But for the usual signages that are rectangular, there’s only a need for one standoff in every corner of the signage. However, it is important that you leave a small gap whenever you cut out the signage to be installed – it’s to avoid overlapping the standoffs on the actual logo.

May it be a rectangular signage or a special shaped one, these standoffs make a subtle yet professional look on every reception signages or sign boards on the wall. It makes the sign literally pop out from the wall and keeps it stretched out and visible. It’s less messy compared to other alternatives – plus they’re easy to remove as well!