Signage is the first thing your clients see before entering your shop, and sometimes, they decide if your service is ‘legit’ enough based on your taste for signage. However, signage are not as simple to make as you think it is – here at Signs Australia, we make sure that you get the best kind of signage you need. May it be for your store front illuminated signs, reception signs, and vehicle signage – Signs Australia’s 30 plus years of experience will give you confidence that your signage will stand out compared to other competitors.

But overall, why should you fuzz over signage? Signage brings out the confidence in your brand, as well as in yourself. A well-designed signage will last you a long time – a fun name, or catchphrase will make you shine for a while since it’s easy to remember for most pedestrians who have seen your logo and signs. Aside from those, you can also expect these results when you invest on your signage:

  1. Visibility. For the longest while, these signages are the silent marketers that stay out there 24/7 and has attracted customers to your establishment. A properly designed and made signage will give you more attention and will make your store easier to remember if your products are as good as your signage. Hiring a good printing service like Signs Australia (you can check out the testimonials!) will make you stand out more and even be a topic of discussion. The best you can go for is an illuminated sign to make sure it’s still visible even at night, plus it looks more professional!
  2. Colours. Depending on what theme or what kind of service you offer, colours make a difference in terms of attraction. Like pink for hair salons or nail art salon or red for food services – each colour actually has a psychological effect in customers. Just by looking at the signage and staring at the colours used to make the signage, they will get an urge to go for a service they didn’t need before. If the design and the services are properly executed, expect more loyal customers to stop by and new ones as well. Signs Australia makes sure you get the most of your money from getting services from them and ensure you will have an improvement in foot traffic!
  3. Designs actually matter. Designing the signage is actually a big step in attracting customers, depending on what kind of crowd you hope to attract as well. A minimalist approach would attract more classy and sophisticated people while rogue and rugged designs will attract what they would call the ‘bad boys’, thus this design is mostly used for pubs and bars. Aside from graphics design, investing for a good sign will actually give you a boost over your competitors, as well save you money. Signs Australia not only do printing service, but also provide inputs about location of the sign, material, size, and so on to ensure you get the most of your money.