These days, most budding businessmen prefer to go digital for convenience and assuming that it blasts out there more quickly compared to print. Some would even go as far as saying that digital adverts actually help them become popular and gained more customers. But there are startling facts about the effect of print versus an intermittent digital advertisement. Depending on the printing service you hired, print advertisements will likely increase your popularity and sales.

Digital advertisements might actually be seen often, but they are usually ignored or skipped if ever there’s a chance to. Since most digital adverts are pop ups and unwanted, they lose more clients in the long run because of its bad reputation. What is better for business is actually investing on printed advertisements – there is actually a study wherein print stands out more and is easy to remember. Signs Australia has been in service for over 30 years, and has only improved in terms of products and design – so for your printing needs, they’re the right people to call.

There’s a series of study that shows that printed copies actually is more memorable compared to digital ones. The study went as subjects looking at printed copies then the digital copies – and they used neuromarketing methods that mainly involves eye tracking and biometric measurements. They were later then undergo the fMRI machine to determine the impact of the adverts.

However, print isn’t always the best way to go – especially if you only have a utilitarian product that doesn’t evoke much emotion and excitement. Print is usually better when you are selling colourful products like fashion items to crockery that appeals to the older generation. Print is better for businesses that requires showing what their product is – so it would have to make the items more memorable and desirable – thus an increase in sales.

Print advertisements actually drive the urge to purchase the items digitally – meaning they can work hand in hand. Digital after all is convenient when it comes to shopping, but reviewing items and comparing them requires leafing back and forth – so print is still better. May it be catalogues to leaflets, print is definitely the best way to boost popularity and making items more memorable and desirable.