Most of the time, the reason for existence of print is to distribute the information or to make it known for people that this particular product exists. Even in the old times when print was still manually pressed, font style was taken into consideration – and they overall match it with the type of content they are handling. Since then, there has been different reader attitude when it comes with font style and size – it has been the basis for the professionalism of the writer and the reliability of the news.

Aside from the added aesthetic of the overall look of the print, you need to take into consideration the power of the content it brings. Imagine delivering a scientific breakthrough with a comic sans font – be prepared to be biggest joke in the internet. For news and research papers, you need to stick with fonts like Calibri, Cambria, Arial, and simple and readable designs. The main purpose of printing these items is to spread awareness and breakthrough to the people – so it has to be easy to the eyes. Of course, take the best printing service of choice, notably with lengthy experience for printing – like Signs Australia- in consideration to ensure quality.


Here are the reasons why font is important:


  • It’s a communication. If you carefully select the designs, colour, and subject, it automatically becomes a meaningful content. May it be out of business or lifestyle, words on print becomes a conversation with your reader and you – without the actual interaction. In order to make the conversation meaningful, you need a good font that is easy to read as well as proper spacing.
  • Font attracts readers. There may be times that the font alone attracts the readers to read your printed advertisement or signage – it’s because of the memory and emotion evoked from the reader. Aside from the font style, the overall design should be simple and easy to read. These days, more and more companies turn to minimalism to create a sophisticated atmosphere and professional approach – it has then a basis for each consumer whether or not they should trust your services.
  • It evokes memories and emotions. If you put a fun and colourful design for a playhouse signage, it eventually will make kids excited to enter that specific building. Colours attract attention, especially for kids, and it creates an expectation for them to make friends and have fun. It creates an expectation for them before they even see what’s inside of the building.
  • It builds recognition. There are some fonts that you can recognise right away – like the bolt-like font that is solely associated with Harry Potter series – so when you customise your own font for your brand, it is important to keep in mind what services or brand you want to portray. It has to be unique and memorable in order for your future clients to recognise your establishment on first glance. Of course, the service itself is as important too.