Since the old times, the signage has been a basis for knowing where your business is or what kind of services you offer. With tons of unique media out there that boast their colourful designs and interactive input, print is still the most common and the most popular choice for most businessmen. It’s affordable, simple, and it gets the job done – meaning it gets attention and gives recognition to your business and brand.

But it doesn’t have to be your typical signage that you usually see in the streets, you can incorporate a couple of factors that could help you stand out from the rest – meaning you can add some charm and fun designs that’s related to your craft or business.

There are a lot of possibilities you can think of while designing the signage into something more memorable and relative to your business. It also pays to invest in a good printing company like Signs Australia, who’s been in business for over 30 years, and make good quality signages that will last for a long time.

Here are a few tips on how to make your signage stand out:

    • Make use of your surroundings. Some businesses are crafty – they use the background as their source of inspiration and worked around it. It made the design look like it was floating and real – making your signage stand out. While it may be a challenge to make it happen, it creates a sort of conversation with people who have seen it and may even be a point of interest by passersby. Standing out doesn’t always mean you have to make use of vibrant colours and photos, you can use your surroundings to make your signage unique and memorable.


  • Make it relatable to your target audience. While this may not be easy at times, there are signages and posters out there that completely shows this. It can be humorous or serious, but you can show it in a way that gathers interest. Is there a specific issue common for your target audience? A common problem always present in their workplace or lifestyle? You can show your solution in the signage and make them feel welcome to visit your store or office to get your help.
  • Extra creative. While designing the signage itself is a creative feat, it can be a bit challenging to go the extra mile. What you can do is indicate the change they will experience after getting your services or product – use this to make them imagine or think if they experience this themselves. It will make them realise that they do have this problem and may even promptly consider contacting you to seek your advice and help.