Window decals has been a huge part of marketing ever since it was made – it has been a great way to advertise their goods and services without making too much noise and effort. These decals do the hard part of marketing – spreading the word to the public.

If you consider the costs of printing a hefty pile of flyers and posters, installing a decent window decal makes it cheaper and convenient. Plus, it adds more character on your store.

Window decals is a great way to show what kind of promos you have and serves as a great decor piece as well. Instead of going all out for the storefront decorations, you can save more with vibrant coloured stickers and have them installed neatly on your windows.

Choosing the best printing service is also vital too – you need to get the one with a good long history of printing service, like Signs Australia, and connect with them for quality products.

Why are Window Decals great?

  • Simple and Sophisticated. Keep the mystery alive – maybe you can print a great catch phrase or a funny quote that best describes the services or products you sell. Adding too much unnecessary words and items will defeat the purpose of the classy design, make sure you get in touch with a graphics designer first before you decide on a design.


    • Temptation. Most shoppers stop by the store when there’s a sign that says 50% off or Sale, or maybe the classic Buy One Get One promo. Posting your promos on your windows and storefront will definitely make heads turn and increase traffic in your establishment. If there’s anything that most people like, its saving money and getting the best products first hand.


  • Silent but effective. Most people don’t want to be swarmed by sales people whenever they are in the mall or anywhere else – if they want to know about your products, they will definitely stop by in your store. You can simply post the items they need to know on your windows and let them visit your store themselves. Aside from saving more from hiring brand ambassadors, it’s a sure way to attract some people.
  • Images are more powerful. Images take more attention, and they also arouse curiosity and desire. Instead of letting your future customers read word per word as to what you’re offering, let them see themselves and be convinced of the quality you provide. But remember, images you use should be high definition and not taken from a royalty free site. It will make it more professional and realistic – more people will believe the effectiveness of your product or services!


  • Font size. Window decals have an appropriate font size for most texts, and it has indeed serve its purpose for most passersby. Some emphasized points are slightly bigger than the rest of the text on the window. These fonts are appropriately sized to avoid discomfort for people and to emphasize the important items in the store. It makes understanding for these customers easier.