Graphic designers play a big role in your overall marketing campaign and their tasks can range from easy to difficult, and the main reason why it can be a tough job is because of clients. If you ask any designer, they always have this client that seems to not know or understand what they need – and it ends up getting a lot of revisions. Others would say that they have a client that would demand too much from them, and it ends up being half baked and it becomes mediocre.

A lot of small scale businesses actually became successful because of their attractive and well-planned details from storefront to logos, of course, a proper business plan and proper handling as well. It also helps when your signages and storefront decals are made properly, so make sure you contact Signs Australia for the best results – they’ve been making signages for over 30 years! But one of the many successes is working well with your designer and establishing what you expect and want from the design. It will save you more money, more time, and of course, stress.

How to properly work with your graphic designer to get ideal results:

  • Proper communication. Like any other business, you need to lay out the things you needed done and how it should be done. Aside from that, establishing the points in the contract would also be a good way to understand each other’s needs and concerns. Always make sure that if you have revisions in mind, you need to communicate with your designer and ask for their input regarding the design. After all, they are the professionals in this field.
  • Establish realistic deadlines. A detailed design by tomorrow? Or maybe by the end of the day? Understand that these designers need ample time to create drafts and final project, so make sure you ask them how long it would take them and decide on the number of days with them. It will also give them a sense of urgency on your project while taking the time to improve the overall look and design of the project. They can also dedicate ample time to do research to suggest more improvements – it’s a win-win!
  • Examples. It’s good to give them examples so you can show them what design you want to achieve. At the same, it will give them ideas on how to improve your design further and suggest more styles that can change it fully. You might even think that it’s not your job and you shouldn’t do it, but it could save you and your designer a lot of time discussing how it would look like.
  • Be nice. You don’t like the draft? It’s a draft for a reason – they’re showing what you think you like. Don’t be too harsh on the designer and explain to them kindly what you would need. A needed criticism is welcome, as long as it’s solely on the draft itself. Your suggestions are appreciated as well since you know your tastes more than your designer.
  • Be concise. If you’re just going to keep on saying that it needs more personality or needs more wow factor, you have to do better than that. Graphic designers need clear comments and inputs to improve the design of the signage or logo. This will save you both some time and energy spent on sending back and forth designs.
  • Always ask questions. They know more about designs than you, and it’s crucial for you to ask questions and their suggestions. They know if it will look terrible in print or it would look gaudy and tacky – they have been in the industry for years. But it also helps that you ask the questions about the design, if you can’t understand the concept yourself, how can your target audience can?
  • Get ready to compromise some items. There might be some components in the design you want that doesn’t make sense to anyone, so be prepared to compromise a couple of items from the overall design. While it does make you sad, it’s better than being the new meme of the year.